"Raised with Praise"

Raised with Praise

How My Parents Made Me a Happy Soul

By William J. Callaghan

Price: $17.95
Format: Softcover

"I think that right now, there is a need in this country for a book like this. I also believe that at least once in your life you will find a book that changes your life. This book has that kind of potential. It deserves five stars because it's the kind of book that leaves a lasting impression."

-Katie Cataldo

The overall message of staying positive and looking at everyday things with an optimistic eye is great for me.  I enjoyed the humor and examples of all the positive ways to look at life.”

"Raised with Praise" is truly a roadway to heaven. Well done! Excellent job of telling it like it should be, and is. I couldn't get over the amount of research you did. The artifacts, stats, quotes, and tunes are fabulous. It encapsulates a lot of information. Great reference book!

"My favorite chapter was Mom's - 25/8. I think it was incredibly well written and really captured the idea that moms have a special place in our hearts."
"I laughed a lot. The message at the end is spectacular."

"The book was both informative and helpful. I definitely learned a lot from this book and found some good tidbits of advice that I can use now and store in my memory banks for later. I also liked the bits of humor. It's always nice to have a good laugh with a book."

"The music was one of the strongest points of the book. When an artist writes a song, they are commenting on some portion of society. Standing alone they have a powerful message, but placed within your book, their message stands out all the more. I think you found some of the best songs to go with your book.
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